Frequently asked questions:


Is hops2brew a dealer ?

No ! You buy strait from the hop grower !


Why are Hop Prices so Volatile?

 The economist’s answer would be that there is a very inelastic demand. Assuming you’re not an economist and don’t care for economic theory, here’s a more down to Earth explanation. The special relationship between beer and hops and the unpredictability associated with agricultural production means that the supply and demand for hops can never remain in equilibrium, which means the price is not stable. Supply is constantly trying to align itself with demand…to no avail. When there is a surplus of hops, stocks accumulate and prices plummet. Growers are slow to react because change is expensive. The cost of changing varieties or removing hop acreage is often not reflected in the price of hops. Unfortunately, this means that surpluses continue to accumulate for a while before the correction begins. Of course, eventually, growers make the necessary adjustments. Unfortunately, the surplus that accumulates in the meantime helps meet brewers’ needs at very low prices, further pushing down the price on the spot market while disguising the point at which annual supply drops below annual demand. This inevitably leads the industry toward shortage. Finally, when there is a perceived shortage, prices start to increase. Growers who realize this and who have hops hoard them hoping for better prices further exacerbating the effects of the problem. The high prices result in increased hop acreage to supply brewer demand…and the cycle starts again.


How can you Eliminate the Risk from buying Hops?

That’s easy! If you’re a brewer…Multiple-Year Contracts. Yes…It really is that simple. Human nature and business being what they are though, we are always trying to save a buck whenever we can and rightly so given the way things are in the economy. Hops available on the spot market during times of surplus are usually cheaper than contracted hop prices making them a very attractive option in the short run. Cheap hops today are very expensive tomorrow.


I want to grow hops myself ! Do you have plants or rhizomes ?


Yes ! You can get any variety. First you have to decide which variety you want. Some of them are really hard to grow because of numerous pests. You won´t get any yield ! So if you whant a nice plant to show it will certainly come up to a robust variety. If you whant a certain quantity of hop cones for brewing, there are many options...just call us...bittering variety, flavour hops...what ever. And...it is impossible to sow hops of a certain variety ! If you buy seeds to grow hops you are on the wrong way.

You need rhizomes as strong as possible ! So you can get beautiful plants and hop cones the first year.

This is how our rhizomes look like: