Fine hops can’t be found anywhere!



In this video you can see how the hops you can buy here at HOPS 2 BREW is being produced. If interested, we invite you to visit our farm where our hops is being cultivated, gently harvested and finally stored in a cold warehouse. You can purchase pellets, hop cones and many other innovative products, which add the special flavour to a beer brewers and consumers alike have been looking for: a beer with a full body that can only be as good as its ingredients. After all, we know anything about FLAVOUR and deliver premium quality especially if you want to have a try in brewing your beer by adding hop cones. As you aquire your hops from a direct marketer, you won’t face a long supply chain – THE flavour killer per se! Our hops is being processed within only 3 hours until it finally rests in our cold warehouse. We’re looking forward to your visit!